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Radcliffe Tower (SD 79600750)

In 1561 Richard Ashton of Middleton, grandson of Sir Richard of Flodden fame, purchased the manor of Radcliffe for a sum of 6000 marks (£4000). The early history of Ashton’s tenants is a matter for research. By the mid 17th century James Holland of Radcliffe, gent, and his son Otho, were tenants of Radcliffe Tower. Richard Walker of Radcliffe Cross and his son Richard of Radcliffe Bridge followed in 1672.

The terms of Walkers lease required them to reserve one room, with a convenient place in the manor house, to keep materials for repairing the building. Also to yearly carry three cartloads of good sound slate for reparations on some part of the premises. Evidence of a Walker family resident at the tower occurs in the Radcliffe parish register for 1684, where the burial of Richard Walker de Tower, son of Richard Walker de Bridge, is recorded.

A lease of Radcliffe water corn mill and kiln granted to Richard Walker of the Cross in 1665, passed jointly with the Tower to Roger Walker, butcher, and Richard Walker, yeoman, in 1687.

Excavations at Radcliffe Tower by B.A.G. in 1979 exposed a section of an early stone boundary wall, apparently modified to provide foundations for an 18th century brick barn. A shallow ditch 7m wide in front of the wall contained 17th century ceramics.