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Est. 1953

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Old Bury Grammar School yard (SD.80451095)

Although the aims of excavation in 1953 were not achieved, mention must be made of the early discoveries on that sand and gravel deposit overlooking the Irwell valley floor, 20m below.

The urn found in 1908, which contained a small quantity of cremated bone, was subsequently heavily restored beyond its original appearance. It probably belonged to the earlier series as defined by Longworth.

A metal object originally described as a bronze knife, allegedly found with the urn, was submitted by B.A.G. for analysis to the Department of Metallurgy at Newcastle University, where it was identified as gun-metal, evidently not prehistoric.

A second urn from the site containing a substantial quantity of bone “fell to pieces on removal”.

In 1840, workmen digging near the foot of the scarp below the burial site, found an oak paddle lying in peat 10m below the surface.

The 1908 urn and the oak paddle are in Bury museum.

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